The pain and suffering brought by the pandemic have triggered a massive digital transformation for the world. From individuals to businesses, many human activities were moved to the digital world to ensure the continuation of industry and other human endeavours.

Of all the digital transformations made, cloud computing was one of the most significant changes in many businesses. Thanks to the pandemic, cloud computing has experienced a massive increase in usage and is imagined to double its value by 2025.

It may be behind new trends that you are experiencing, such as online productivity tools and more. In this article, we will delve deeper into just what kinds of trends the cloud computing world may bring:

1)  The World of Healthcare Will Become Available on the Cloud

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the demands on the healthcare industry have skyrocketed. In fact, it has laid so much strain that many healthcare firms have struggled to keep up with their services while still maintaining proper safety protocols.

Fortunately, cloud computing has alleviated many of these burdens by allowing healthcare to migrate online to the cloud. Patients anywhere can get their healthcare needs from the comfort of their own home so long as they have an internet connection.

Of course, face-to-face activities are still a must in certain cases. Still, with online solutions, facilitating meetings can be done without unnecessary risk to both patient and healthcare provider.

2) Collaboration Tools Will Become Far More Common and Simple

With a surge of remote teams in nearly every industry, the demand for a collaboration tool to create an office-like environment has increased dramatically. Companies are looking for ways to facilitate teamwork. Many tools are being created to do precisely that.

From video conferencing to voice chats, these tools are becoming a lot more common and even simpler to use. Features such as noise cancellation can also make these tools even more work-friendly. Plus, niche tools are also being made for specific industries to ensure each company has the tools to continue being productive.

3) Artificial Intelligence Will Find More Use in Businesses

One of the biggest advancements of technology is the introduction of artificial intelligence. AI is now used in many things, such as chatbots and digital assistance. It is also used in industries with many repetitive tasks to save a lot of time and money.

With companies having to face a reduced workforce due to ongoing rules and regulations, more and more businesses will start relying on AI to carry out many of their tasks. In other words, many manual tasks will be done using AI, ensuring that productivity levels are kept at an agreeable level to keep the company alive and thriving.


All in all, cloud computing has paved the way for the survival of companies during the pandemic. However, it is also incredibly likely that cloud computing is here to stay even when the pandemic ends. One could even say that the pandemic merely pushed businesses into their inevitable progression more quickly.

As such, if you have yet to implement cloud computing in your business, consider doing so as soon as possible! The only regret you may have is not opting for it sooner. You must give yourself the advantage you need to overtake your competitors and secure your success in this volatile world.

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