The cybersecurity industry is growing at incredible rates—and for good reason. Cybercriminals are always looking for ways to exploit businesses and individuals, and cybersecurity providers must stay one step ahead of them to keep their customers and clients safe.

Unfortunately, perfectly secure solutions are impossible because there will always be a way to breach and exploit existing systems. While security systems might stop less skilled cybercriminals, they might only delay more talented hackers. Time is your weapon against cybercrime, which demands increasing complexity in your security systems.

With that being said, many people simply dismiss cybersecurity as unnecessary, especially those that do not understand its value. However, the facts only show that cybersecurity is absolutely necessary. To help you understand the threats of the digital world, here are some worrisome cybersecurity facts:

1) The Pandemic Shot Up Cybercrimes

As more and more companies grew to rely on remote work to do business, there are more opportunities for cybercriminals to do their work. Paired with the fact that many of these companies do not implement security systems, it has also made attacking companies much easier.

With the fear and panic caused by COVID-19, many COVID-19 scams have allowed cybercriminals to succeed. Authorities reported a staggering 300% increase in cybercrimes.

2) Every 39 Seconds, an Attack Occurs

The University of Maryland showed that, on average, an attack occurs every 39 seconds. This could be your organization at risk.

3) Almost Half of All Attacks Target Small Businesses

Approximately 43% of attacks are targeted at small businesses, including phishing, denial of service, and malware attacks. If you are a small business, do not believe that cybercriminals are not interested in breaching your network.

In fact, you might be a bigger target simply because attackers know you do not have the same funds to spend on security compared to larger enterprises.

4) The Majority of Breaches Are Caused by Human Error

The majority of breaches are not really caused by a problem in coding or a loophole in the network. More often than not, it is caused by human error. This can include sticking an infected USB drive into your company’s computer, employees exposing their credentials, and more.

As such, educating your employees to safely operate their devices, protect their credentials, and be aware of online threats can significantly reduce the chances of your business being breached because of negligence and human error.


There are many other facts that we can list, but the above should be enough to help you understand what the cybersecurity industry faces constantly. That being said, we cannot stress enough how important it is to secure your business against digital threats. You never know when an attack will bring your business down, and because of this, you need to invest in reliable security solutions to keep your business safe against cyber threats.

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