Over the past years, Information Technology (IT) tools and systems have been paramount in the growth of any given business, especially in this modern age. Whether it is software or hardware, they keep your company fully operational. However, investing in these technology pieces from highly reliable sources is imperative, as they are instrumental to your overall business success. This is where IT procurement comes into the picture.

In this article, we will share five best practices to observe in ensuring your IT procurement process’s overall success:

1) Plan for Your It Procurement Beforehand

As with any business implementation, planning ahead of time will set your project in the right direction, and this notion also applies to your IT procurement process. In fact, when you were starting your business, you must have planned on how to obtain your IT solutions and implement them. However, it’s a must to assess and plan on updating your IT resources regularly. Whether looking for web hosting services, hiring managed services, or having data backup and recovery, planning and preparation can make all the difference in your efforts.

2) Designate an Assigned Champion for Procurement

As a company, you might have an IT department with a team of experts specialized in various areas of your business. While some are focused on hardware monitoring and repair, a few others are likely working on software updates and technical support. Why not have an assigned champion tasked to oversee the procurement process? This person must be well-connected to reach out to external vendors and suppliers for the acquisition of your tools and technology.

3) Identify It’s Areas of Opportunity and Address Them

It is your IT department’s responsibility to monitor your systems and identify common challenges constantly, and they will also need to address these problems as quickly as possible. For this reason, they must coordinate with your assigned champion and present them with ongoing IT issues that must be resolved. That way, your champion can reach out to various IT service providers and see what can work for your business!

4) Come Up with IT Solutions

While your assigned champion is responsible for the acquisition of tools and technology, it is everyone’s responsibility to come up with IT solutions. When the need arises, or on a regular basis, the team must sit together to discuss existing IT processes, identify areas of opportunities, and develop key solutions based on those findings. These solutions must be collated and finalized before your assigned champion will take action in the procurement of these effective solutions.

5) Implement IT Solutions That Work

At this point, your procurement point person will be responsible for contacting, negotiating, and sealing the purchase contract with the service providers. Once all set and done, you can go ahead and have your IT personnel work on deploying resources, updating existing systems, and integrating new technologies that will work wonders on your business!


At this point, you now know five best practices to observe for your IT procurement process. All it takes is to plan for your procurement ahead of time, designate an assigned champion, identify your areas of opportunity, come up with solutions, and implement those that work. With all these in place, you are guaranteed to invest in IT robust tools and systems that will contribute to your overall business success!

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