Modern businesses rely heavily on computers and the internet for operations. This reliance comes with a host of challenges and vulnerabilities that may be difficult for businesses to deal with independently. Businesses can lose productivity and waste time while trying to balance both business operations and IT infrastructure management. We at My IT Central understand that; we provide tailored IT infrastructure management and security solutions in Edmonton, unlike any other. Our IT services can make carrying out your business operations more effortless and secure. We understand what your business is about and what your business’ goals are, and we help you reach those goals with our IT infrastructure services at the best prices. Here are some of the most popular IT infrastructure and security services we offer in Edmonton.

Cyber Security Solutions

As mentioned earlier, businesses nowadays rely heavily on computers and the internet. They store their data on servers and carry out transactions and communications on the internet. This can leave the business vulnerable to several cyberattacks and data breaches. The most common types of cyberattacks include phishing attacks disguised as emails or download links, spam or DDoS attacks, malware or virus infections, or DNS tunnelling.

If your business lacks adequate cybersecurity features, cyberattacks can significantly damage your business. Data breaches can lead to your employees’ and customers’ data being compromised and leaked to the unauthorized parties; these parties may misuse the data for their gain. Other forms of cyberattacks can lead to significant business productivity losses and can even halt your business operations until the attack is tackled. Lastly, cyberattacks and data breaches can lead to a substantial loss of reputation for your business, which can be challenging to overcome.

The best course of action, if your business relies on the internet for operations, is to hire My IT Central to prevent catastrophic cyber attacks or data breaches. We can help you protect your servers and business operations from hackers or unauthorized parties that may try to sabotage your business or steal your business’ data. We use top-notch cybersecurity features so that your business is always ahead of the curve. Here are some of the cybersecurity services that we offer in Edmonton.

Dark Web Protection

The dark web is the part of the internet that does not show up on search engines. This is also the part where many crimes take place. The dark web is notorious for various crimes like trading of arms and ammunition, hiring assassins, or procuring rare species of animals or birds. Yet, one of the more unknown offences committed on the dark web is data trading. Most of the time, if a business faces a data leak, its data usually ends up on the dark web where other parties bid against the data.

If your business handles a tremendous amount of data, the best solution is to hire My IT Central for dark web protection. We provide ongoing monitoring of the dark web to catch any data leaks, be it the details of your customers or your employees’ credentials connected to your business. Our dark web protection services can help you deal with data leaks immediately before your data falls into the wrong hands on the dark web.

Email Phishing Protection

The most common form of cyberattacks businesses in Canada face is email phishing. During such an attack, the hacker sends out several emails or download links to your business’ accounts. These links or emails look unsuspecting, and if someone clicks on them, their devices get compromised. The hacker can use this opportunity to introduce malware into your business servers or steal your data via keyloggers.

My IT Central is always on top of the game regarding the latest phishing scams. We understand how phishing works and what the best ways are to prevent phishing. This includes using antivirus and firewall software to alert you of suspected emails or links. We can also help train your employees on protecting their devices from email phishing scams by recognizing the same warning signs. Contact us for the best email phishing protection in Edmonton.

Documentation Tracking

Modern businesses have many operations relying on the internet and an array of documents moving across various devices and servers. When these documents are in transition, it is the perfect opportunity for hackers to intercept those documents and steal them or embed viruses or malware into them. Even if you have encryption or VPN, it is still not enough to protect your documents from being compromised.

Your best course of action is to contact My IT Central. We offer state of the art documentation tracking services for businesses around Edmonton. We use various features and software to secure your document transactions, secure and encrypt them, and keep track of them as they move from one device to another. We can also provide your business with a detailed security policy template that can make it easier for you to secure the documents from your end and reduce any chance of human error.

Threat Intelligence

Every business is different, and so are its vulnerabilities to cyberattacks. For that, your business needs threat intelligence services. My IT Central offers industry-leading threat intelligence services in Edmonton. What does it include? Our threat intelligence services include an in-depth analysis of your IT infrastructure to figure out any lapses in the security features. We use the information and insights from the analysis to predict any possible cyber threats that your business may face in the future. We then strategize the most secure cybersecurity for your business to prevent cyberattacks from taking place. Our threat intelligence is customized for each business and provides full optics of all threat vectors that could impact your business.

Managed IT Services

When running a business that relies on the internet or computers, cyber attacks aren’t the only thing you must worry about. You must also manage your IT infrastructure and technological systems. Your business IT infrastructure and technological systems need to be up and running to meet your business’ needs and demands at all times. If your servers or devices fail, it can be disastrous to deal with. Not only can a malfunctioning IT infrastructure compromise your business operations and productivity, but it can also cost you thousands of dollars in recovery and leave your business to cyber threats.

Your best bet to manage your business’ IT infrastructure and technological systems is to contact My IT Central. We offer a wide range of IT management solutions to businesses in Edmonton. We can help you

secure your IT infrastructure, keep it updated and protected so that you don’t have to worry about your IT infrastructure failing. Our IT management services can help you maintain your business operations efficiently without any hiccups or delays. Here are some of the managed IT solutions we offer.

Management and Monitoring

With its servers and devices, your business IT infrastructure is a complex system of hardware and software. There’s no knowing when one of its components can fail and render your business inoperable. If the IT infrastructure is not maintained well, it can lead to a massive disruption of business operations that can be hard to deal with. To tackle this problem, you can contact My IT Central.

My IT Central offers IT infrastructure management and monitoring services for your business around the clock. Our service ensures that your business IT infrastructure and technological systems keep running smoothly and efficiently around the lock, without any signs of trouble. If we catch any issues or problems with your IT infrastructure or any of its components, we can rectify them at the earliest before it starts disrupting your business operations.

Testing and Upgradation

As mentioned above, your business IT infrastructure is made up of various software and hardware components. These components, over time, can wear down or require upgrades. This is especially the case with software as developers regularly update their software with the latest security patches to prevent cyber attacks. Additionally, if some of your IT components are updated, and the rest are not, it can lead to various incompatibility issues for your systems.

Hire My IT Central to ensure that each component of your business IT infrastructure is up to date. We don’t just update your software and hardware when new versions are released. We first follow a thorough process of testing the components with the rest of the system to ensure that there would not be any incompatibility issues or bugs with the new updates.

Business Continuity Services

Edmonton businesses are always susceptible to various disasters; such disasters are not just limited to cyberattacks and data breaches, but even include natural catastrophes like flooding or fire breakouts. If your business faces any such tragedy in the future, you can lose all your data. Plus, the disasters can destroy your office infrastructure and put a halt to all your business operations. Catastrophic disasters can lead to complete loss of business and productivity, and it can cost you thousands of dollars in recovery.

To protect your business from disasters, you must hire My IT Central. We provide a variety of business continuity services that can help your business run post-catastrophic disaster. Our services not only help your business operations stay afloat but also help you quickly reverse the damage. We do that in the following ways.

Data Backup

During a disaster, the business data is at the most significant risk. The data can be entirely lost or deleted, or it can be leaked and misused by unauthorized parties or hackers. My IT Central can help you secure your data by backing it up onsite and offsite. Our dual-layered backup process acts as double

insurance to protect your data in case any disaster occurs. You can have access to your data from another location if the office is disrupted.

Backup Monitoring and Recovery

Merely backing up the business data is not enough. Various factors can compromise the data backups onsite or offsite. So, My IT Central also offers backup monitoring services to ensure that your data is always protected, secured, and ready for recovery. The last part of our business continuity services includes backup recovery. Even if you lose your data during a disaster, we can help you recover your data quickly before your business starts incurring losses or lack of business.

Data Center and Cloud Management Solutions

Remote data centres and cloud services are gaining a lot of attention and popularity for businesses in Edmonton. This is because remote data centres and cloud services offer benefits that onsite data centres do not. Cloud computing is compelling; it lets you and your employees access data remotely, whether in the office, at home, or on vacation on the other side of the world. Plus, cloud computing also allows your services to be easily accessed by your customers and clients. Another benefit of cloud computing is that if you lose your entire physical IT system to a disaster, your business and data will remain safe on the cloud and remote data centres. All you have to do is log in using the right credentials, and you can access your data quickly. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about maintaining the complicated hardware of onsite servers; everything is taken care of by us with our remote data servers and cloud.

If you are planning to move your business to cloud computing, contact My IT Central. We offer the best in class remote data centre and cloud management solutions in Edmonton. We can help you take your business to the next level and transform your business operations with our cloud computing solutions. Here are some of how you can take advantage of our cloud management solutions.

Cloud Application Management

One of the best advantages of cloud computing is moving your business applications and software on the cloud. Moving your software on the cloud lets you carry out all the business operations that rely on those software on the internet, using any devices or location. Our cloud application management solutions maintain all your software needs on the cloud and focus on your business’s more important aspects than maintaining the servers. Not only do we host and maintain your applications on the cloud, but we also ensure that all your cloud software is up to date with the latest updates and features.

Remote Data Hosting

Like applications that can be hosted on cloud and remote servers, you can also host all your business data on the cloud or remote servers. The benefits of hosting your data over the cloud and remote servers, instead of onsite servers, are that your employees can access your data from anywhere. More importantly, if your business faces any disaster, you do not lose data hosted on the cloud; on the contrary, you can lose all data if your onsite servers collapse, and you don’t have data on the cloud. Cloud also enables your business to run smoothly from various remote locations. Contact My IT Central to host your entire business data on the cloud securely and reliably. Our cloud and remote servers promise to keep your data safe and confidential and protected from any data breaches or cyberattacks while maintaining business continuity.

Procurement Services

Whether software or hardware is being used for your IT infrastructure, it needs regular upgrades to meet the business’s growing demands or cybersecurity. In such cases, especially when your business scales, you need to procure your business’s latest and best software and hardware. The process can be difficult and time-consuming. If you purchase the wrong product that is not safe or incompatible, it can cost you a lot of money and leave your business vulnerable to disruptions or cyberattacks.

Your best solution when it comes to procuring new IT products is hiring My IT Central. We provide an array of procurement solutions in Edmonton. We can help you avoid misspent money, decreased operational efficiencies, or failure to meet your business and customers’ demands by procuring the best solutions for your business. Our procurement solutions are customized to meet your business needs and demands without overshooting the budget. Our procurement services in Edmonton include the following.

Vulnerability Assessment

Our procurement process begins with a thorough vulnerability assessment and analysis of your business. We do this to figure out any lapses or vulnerabilities in the business IT infrastructure. Such lapses can be anything from the possibility of data breaches and cyberattacks to continuity issues post disasters. Your business’ software and hardware must be ready to tackle any kind of issues or attacks. For this, we then procure the best in class software and hardware for your business’ IT infrastructure to secure your business from all kinds of vulnerabilities.

Business Goal Identification

As a part of our procurement services, we also carry out business goal identification analysis. This is to make a blueprint of your business goals, the challenges your business faces currently, and what kind of scaling the business expects in the future. With this analytics in mind, we figure out the best procurement strategy for your business IT infrastructure. We prepare the IT infrastructure not just for your business goals and current demands. Still, we project your demands in the future and ensure that the IT infrastructure is capable of meeting those projected demands.

Communication with Vendors

One of the most time consuming and difficult tasks of procuring new products for your business’ IT infrastructure is communicating with the vendors. It can be challenging to communicate your needs and demands without them trying to upsell you the most expensive or unnecessary products. My IT Central can take care of communicating with the vendors. If you opt for our procurement services, we will communicate directly with the vendors and find the best products that suit your business’ needs and demands without compromising the budget.

Why Choose Us?

We, at My IT Central, provide unparalleled IT infrastructure management and computing solutions in Edmonton. Our services are tailored to your business, we understand your goals and demands, and we provide you with the services that can ease your business operations. Whether you want to secure your documents, protect your servers from cyber attacks, or move your business to cloud or remote servers, all you need to do is contact My IT Central. We are a team of skilled IT professionals, we provide the best

IT services that are reliable, safe, and easy to use, and we are always budget-focused without compromising on quality. Start your next IT project with us.