We are now in an era where everything is going digital, especially after the 2020 pandemic. As the online world’s use and advancements increase, the risks attached to it also are on the rise. One of the major concerns of internet users is personal information security. Individuals and businesses store multiple information online. Such information needs to be effectively safeguarded from unauthorized users to ensure every data is kept intact.

At My IT Central, we are committed to making Ottawa a cyber crime-free place. We are here to safeguard every information and data placed online about you, your family, and your business. We provide several IT-based solutions and services, ensuring you have an uninterrupted and seamless experience online.

Cyber Security Services

Millions of people are victims of cybercrime. At times they are not even aware of how their information is leaked and by who. Almost every business is run through the internet by having their data stored on the servers. Such information online is always at the risk of a leak. In Ottawa, the cybercrime rate has been a daunting issue and needs to be taken seriously. Businesses, educational services like Colleges and Universities have been under constant cyber attacks. It was accounted that Canadian companies spent $14 billion on cybersecurity in 2017, and as the years go by, this amount spent is on the rise.

At My IT Central, we are designed to protect networks, programs, and data from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access. We identify theft and have the right knowledge in protecting your IT infrastructure. We aim to ensure that your business does not face a breach putting information about your business and the employees at risk.

Managed IT Services

Managed services are outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining a range of functions for a business to improve operations extensively. A managed service provider (MSP) is always better positioned to provide quality services as they have the expertise in the required field. Managed IT services is when you consider outsourcing IT functions, which is vital if the central part of your business is run on the internet. To effectively manage your technology infrastructure and keep them away from threats, you must consider an industry expert. In Ottawa, only a rare few may have their data managed manually, the rest being active users of the internet.

If you wish to outsource your IT functions, my IT Central will be your best resource in Ottawa. Our team provides an extensive range of IT management services to protect your business and its IT infrastructure. Our services are catered as per every client need.

Business Continuity Services

As the name suggests, business continuity is a process that ensures your business operations continue to function smoothly and efficiently even after it faces a disaster. It refers to the capability of an organization to undertake its operations even after a catastrophic incident. Online data leak is one part of the threat. Still, at times your office may be subject to accidental fires, flooding, or various other calamities, which may damage office space and significantly result in loss of data. If you do not have an adequate IT infrastructure, such data loss can cause a significant halt to business continuity.

It is best recommended to outsource business continuity services rather than taking them in-house, as the outsourced provider is better equipped to undertake such tasks. In Ottawa, consider hiring My IT Central to protect your data stored online. You cannot stop calamities, but our team ensures to give you a quick post-incident recovery without hampering your business’s continuity.

Data Center & Cloud Management

Datacenter and cloud management are essential services required by businesses as large enterprises depend heavily on their IT systems. A data center is a facility that centralizes a company’s shared IT operations and computing and networking equipment to store, process, and disseminates data and its applications. Managing virtualized data centers and hybrid cloud environments ensures the highest levels of performance and compliance. With a cloud data center, the actual hardware is managed and run by the cloud company in question, with a third-party managed services provider.

In Ottawa, considering My IT Central for these services will be the best option. We provide effective cloud computing and management services to ensure you have an uninterrupted daily functioning of your business.

Procurement Services

Every company makes use of hardware and software in carrying out their daily business operations. As technology is continuously evolving, it is essential to stay well equipped with the current advancements. It needs to be upgraded with time to meet the growing demands and be secured online. Continually monitoring and procuring these services require a great deal of expertise, which may not be available in the company itself. It is always recommended to outsource procurement services to industry experts and highly qualified IT professionals in such cases.

If you are in Ottawa, be rest assured, at My IT Central, we have got you well covered for this. We are a team of professionals who constantly equip and train ourselves to be relevant with every technological change. We provide effective solutions for every client requirement, customizing them to suit each need.

My IT Central operates to ensure every individual and its business has a seamless and safe experience online. From cybersecurity to various IT-based solutions and services, our IT professionals’ team ensures no requirement is left unattended. We work on affordability and reliability without compromising on high-quality standards. If you are in Ottawa and are looking for any solution to meet your online needs, get in touch with us today!