Information technology is one of the leading industries of today’s time. The number of users online has increased more than ever. At the same time, the unauthorized use of the internet is becoming a pressing issue. Hackers have significantly equipped their knowledge into breaking various personal information; hence having a secured IT infrastructure is imperative. In Saskatoon, individuals and companies store extensive information on the server as most of the work is undertaken over the internet. Such information needs to be taken care of and safeguarded to ensure the smooth functioning of your business.

At My IT Central, our team is dedicated to making Saskatoon a cyber crime-free place, ensuring you, your family and your business can have a seamless and threat-free experience online. We provide IT-based information, solutions and services that best suit each client.

Cyber Security Services

One of the significant daunting challenges in Saskatoon concerning information technology is security of information. Online servers are often under malicious attack by unauthorized users who use your data stored online for their purpose. If your business’s running extensively depends on these servers, it is best recommended to undertake cybersecurity services from an industry expert. Several users here are victims of cybercrime. In 2017, Canada spent $14 billion on cybersecurity, and with each passing year, the amount spent keeps increasing.

If you are in search of an experienced service provider, you must consider hiring My IT Central. We have our expertise in cybersecurity services as our ultimate goal is to get rid of all hackers in Saskatoon. We know the importance of security online; hence it is our topmost priority.

Managed IT Services

Managed services are outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining a range of functions for a business to improve operations extensively, using service provider skills. Managed IT services are when a company outsources its IT functions to a third-party service provider. This outsourcing is undertaken to include the service provider’s expertise and experience to have effective functioning of the IT systems. The service providers are proactive and ensure you face minimal issues; even if you do, they promptly rectify it. A managed service provider (MSP) delivers services concerning network, application, infrastructure, and security. If your business is focused online, it is vital to have a robust IT infrastructure that you should service from an expert.

In Saskatoon, your IT functions can rely on My IT Central. Our team has adequate skills and infrastructure in undertaking the IT functions of every business. Our team provides an extensive range of IT management services, giving you an uninterrupted and safe IT system.

Business Continuity Services

Business continuity refers to how quickly an organization can overcome a sudden calamity and get back to its usual operations. It refers to the capability of the organization to keep the recovery time at the minimum. It is a way to ensure the processes and core business functions are not severely impacted by a disaster or unplanned incident that takes critical systems offline. These incidents can be sudden fire, flooding, system failure, etc. System failure can even lead to loss of data if multiple information is stored online.

It is best recommended to outsource the business continuity management to an experienced service provider. In Saskatoon, for this, you can hire My IT Central. Our skilled IT professionals ensure that through their effective business continuity processes and procedures, the organization’s functions can continue to run smoothly.

Data Center & Cloud Management

The data center and cloud management are essential system services for an organization, mainly when a good amount of data and functions are carried out online. Several companies in Saskatoon depend heavily on their IT system hence the need for a data center, be it on-premise or on the cloud, has become increasingly mandatory. Outsourcing these services will help you have a standardized and secured computing environment for your business. Managing virtualized data centers and hybrid cloud environments ensures the highest levels of performance and compliance.

One such industry expert that provides these services is the My IT Central. The data center and cloud management service are one of our expertise. Our knowledgeable team aims to ensure you have an uninterrupted and seamless experience in conducting your business functions online.

Procurement Services

Everyone is aware of how continually the IT industry is evolving. You need to inculcate these advancements and upgrades in your business systems. You have to constantly monitor and procure these services to meet the growing demands and be secured online. Procurement requires a great deal of expertise and knowledge, so it is best to have them outsourced. Especially for non-IT firms, who may not have this expertise in-house, outsourcing procurement services allow you to concentrate on the rest of the business while this is taken care of by a third party.

In Saskatoon, My IT Central has got you well covered for this. Our team dedicatedly monitors the latest updates and well equip themselves with the relevant technological changes. Our solutions are effective, suiting the requirements of every client.

My IT Central in Saskatoon operates to make this place equipped with the latest IT developments, giving a cyber crime-free experience for the people here. We provide services to suit every technological requirement, leaving none unattended. Our services are reliable and affordable, without any concession on superior quality. If you require assistance for personal or professional IT solutions, we are here to secure your IT infrastructure; get in touch with us today!