Today, online threats to personal and business information are increasing manifold every day. It is more crucial than ever to safeguard online information and assets in every way possible to keep cybercrimes and online threats at bay.

Cybercriminals don’t take holidays, and so your online security shouldn’t lag either.

My ICT Central in Vancouver is your one-stop solution to safeguard your personal and your organization’s valuable assets stored on various devices. We provide advice and information about how to protect you, your family and your business online. We also protect the data and systems of digital services we use for daily business and communication. Our role is to help make Vancouver the most secure place to connect online.

Cyber Security Services

If your business relies on the internet for any operational demands, it is vulnerable to cyberattacks and data leaks. This is also applicable if you store your data on servers that are connected to the internet. One of the most common types of cyberattacks businesses face in Vancouver is phishing—disguised as emails or download links that contain malware. Other cyber attacks include spam, DDoS attacks, malware or virus infections, or DNS tunnelling.

If your business’ IT infrastructure is not fortified with cybersecurity, such cyberattacks can significantly damage the business operations. If your business faces a data breach, it can also lead to your employees’ and customers’ data being compromised and leaked to unauthorized parties. These cyberattacks and data branches can decrease your business’ productivity and even halt the operations if not addressed on time. Lastly, they can also cause a substantial loss of reputation for the brand, which can be hard to recover.

If your business relies on the internet for operations, your best course of action is to hire My IT Central. We can help you prevent catastrophic cyberattacks or data breaches by protecting your servers and IT infrastructure from hackers and unauthorized parties trying to sabotage your business or steal data. We use state of the art cybersecurity features to keep you one step ahead of hackers.

Managed IT Services

When running a business that relies on the internet or computers, cyber attacks aren’t the only thing you must worry about. You must also manage your IT infrastructure and technological systems. Your business IT infrastructure and technological systems need to be up and running to meet your business’ needs and demands at all times. If your servers or devices fail, it can be disastrous to deal with. Not only can a malfunctioning IT infrastructure compromise your business operations and productivity, but it can also cost you thousands of dollars in recovery and leave your business to cyber threats.

Your best bet to manage your business’ IT infrastructure and technological systems are to contact My IT Central. We offer a wide range of IT management solutions to businesses in Vancouver. We can help you

secure your IT infrastructure, keep it updated and protected so that you don’t have to worry about your IT infrastructure failing. Our IT management services can help you maintain your business operations efficiently without any hiccups or delays.

Business Continuity Services

Your business is always vulnerable to several disasters apart from cyberattacks or failing IT infrastructure, like flooding or fire breakouts. In such cases, if you have not secured your IT infrastructure, you may lose all your data. Plus, if the disaster renders your office space unusable, it can even put a halt to all your business operations. Such catastrophic disasters can lead to complete loss of business and productivity and cost you thousands of dollars in recovery.

Hire My IT Central in Vancouver to protect your business’ data and IT infrastructure from such disasters. We provide a variety of business continuity services to help your business run post-disaster. We not only help your operations stay afloat but also quicken the recovery process to reverse the damage.

Data Centre & Cloud Management

One main advantage of private cloud infrastructures is that they are usually more secure than alternatives since the organization’s data is tightly secured and controlled on servers that no other company can access.

The servers can either sit within your organization’s network boundaries or be located within a cloud service provider’s data centre. You access the data stored on the servers via private and secure network links. With the right cloud computing solution, you can enjoy better day-to-day productivity, reliable server infrastructure, and backups that will allow for simple disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Procurement Services

Whether software or hardware is being used for your IT infrastructure, it needs regular upgrades to meet the business’s growing demands or cybersecurity. In such cases, especially when your business scales, you need to procure your business’s latest and best software and hardware. The process can be difficult and time-consuming. If you purchase the wrong product that is not safe or incompatible, it can cost you a lot of money and leave your business vulnerable to disruptions or cyberattacks.

Your best solution when it comes to procuring new IT products is hiring My IT Central. We provide an array of procurement solutions in Vancouver. We can help you avoid misspent money, decreased operational efficiencies, or failure to meet your business and customers’ demands by procuring the best solutions for your business. Our procurement solutions are customized to meet your business needs and demands without overshooting the budget.

With My IT Central in Vancouver, you can enjoy unparalleled reliability and scalability and a cost-effective IT infrastructure that will empower your business for growth – both now and in the future. Contact us now for a consultation or to know more about what we do in Vancouver.