My IT Central is one of Canada’s leading providers of cybersecurity, IT, and procurement services, delivering reliable solutions for our customers. With My IT Central in Victoria as your single partner, you gain access to professional managed services that guide you through your ongoing transformation. Our expertise across the world’s leading technologies – across your clouds, applications, data and security – enables you to grow your business, increase efficiency and deliver the future.

Cyber Security

Your security relies on our security, and other MSPs are only just realizing this fact. You are required under all regulations and good practice to only engage with suppliers (those with access to your organization) who can demonstrate their own security. Supply chain security is a critical part of your own security. This has been proven time and time again. If your service partner gets compromised, you’ve been compromised too!

My IT Central uniquely placed in Victoria to assist you as they have done others to develop and implement information security solutions appropriate for your business. If your business relies on the internet for operations, the best course of action is to hire My IT Central to prevent catastrophic cyber attacks or data breaches. We can help you protect your servers and business operations from hackers or unauthorized parties that may try to sabotage your business or steal your business’ data. We use top-notch cybersecurity features so that your business is always ahead of the curve. Here are some of the cybersecurity services that we offer in Edmonton.

Managed IT Services

With its servers and devices, your business IT infrastructure is a complex system of hardware and software. There’s no knowing when one of its components can fail and render your business inoperable. If the IT infrastructure is not maintained well, it can lead to a massive disruption of business operations that can be hard to deal with.

Today IT is expected to deliver secure, reliable services while also enabling rapid business transformation. This new kind of IT requires a new kind of support. My IT Central provides the complete support you need to compete and win. We offer multiple levels of IT support service designed around different budgets and models. We support servers, storage and networking products, plus third-party software for the leading operating systems. Our experts help diagnose and resolve problems and provide software and firmware advice.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery are essential to businesses of every size. Required as a part of compliance and plain common sense, every business should have a multi-layered policy. In this day and age, with the exponential growth in data, organizations must review and understand the policy that’s in place. To protect your business from disasters, you must hire My IT Central in Victoria. We provide a variety of business continuity services that can help your business run post-catastrophic disaster. Our services not only help your business operations stay afloat but also help you quickly reverse the damage. We do that by providing services like risk and vulnerability assessments, business impact analysis and strategy, data backup, backup monitoring and recovering, cloud access to applications, implementation and awareness training, and a lot more to develop strategies that will work for your business.

Data Centre & Cloud

One of the best advantages of cloud computing is moving your business applications and software to the cloud. Moving your software on the cloud lets you carry out all the business operations that rely on that software on the internet, using any devices or location. Our cloud application management solutions maintain all your software needs on the cloud and focus on your business’s more important aspects than maintaining the servers. Not only do we host and maintain your applications on the cloud, but we also ensure that all your cloud software is up to date with the latest updates and features.

When you choose My IT Central for your data centre and cloud service management, you can expect perfection and complete security, and nothing else. Reduce the burden of managing, monitoring and operating your public cloud infrastructure through enhanced tooling and 24x7x365 access to operational support from a team of certified cloud specialists. Gain access to advanced technical resources that optimize your public cloud operations and architectural infrastructure. We can handle all your cloud applications that can be difficult and time-consuming to maintain in-house.

Procurement Services

Every business has unique needs, objectives, and compliance requirements. Your tech must be aligned with those needs to get the best experience without overspending or compromising your IT infrastructure. To ensure that the technical upgrades meet your demands, we carry out an in-depth analysis of your business’ needs and goals, providing you with the best-customized solutions. Businesses are always vulnerable to a variety of threats, including cyber-attacks, data breaches, and natural disasters. Your business must be ready to tackle such threats at a moment’s notice and be prepared to recover data after the event.

You can hire My IT Central for the best procurement services in Victoria. We can help you avoid misspent money, decreased operational efficiencies, or failure to meet business requirements by procuring the best solutions for your business. Our solutions are customized to meet your business needs without overstepping the budget. Similarly, we can also help you save a lot of money by communicating directly with the vendors to get the best price. We not only hunt for the best price but also eliminate any miscommunication. You will always get the best price for your business’ IT needs.

Why Choose Us?

We’re here to help you work faster and smarter and stay ahead of what’s next. To help make that happen, we come alongside and get to know your business challenges. And then we design and build scalable technology solutions to solve the challenges you’re facing today, as well as tomorrow — with ongoing management and optimization so you can focus on building new revenue streams, increasing efficiency and creating incredible customer experiences.

  • We provide tailored technology solutions.
  • We provide white-glove IT support.
  • Our team has only skilled IT consultants.
  • We believe in providing reliable services.
  • We are operational in multiple locations in Canada to serve you better.
  • We are budget-focused and provide services that offer proper value-for-money.

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