The use of Information Technology is on the rise more than ever. Almost everything is handled online through clouds and servers. While the authorized use of the internet has increased multifold, unauthorized use has crossed that mark. IT theft is an increasing issue in Winnipeg as the people here extensively use the online platforms for storing data about themselves, their family, and their businesses and ventures. Such information is always at the risk of being stolen or leaked. The number of cybercrime issues reported here has been on the rise; hence it becomes imperative to safeguard yourselves from such trouble.

We, at My IT Central, operate in Winnipeg to make its people safe from all sorts of cybercrime and attacks. Safeguarding your online information is our priority. Our team of IT experts comes up with the best IT solutions customized to suit every client’s requirements.

Cyber Security Services

Cybersecurity, also commonly known as electronic information security, is a process of defending servers, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. The hacker and other nefarious characters are always trying to access this information and use it for their purposes. The amount spent by businesses in Canada on cybersecurity is significantly rising, as people are under constant IT threats. In Winnipeg, every company ensures to secure their IT infrastructure beforehand, eliminating the risk of cyberattacks.

At My IT Central, protecting your and your business’ personal information is our topmost priority. We understand the importance of securing such data and ensure no leak occurs. If your business management majorly depends on the internet, we recommend that you get in touch with us to secure it promptly.

Managed IT Services

When your business operates through the internet, all your data is well saved, leaving the only threat of hacker attacks. It is essential to have managed IT services. This is when a company outsources the IT functions to a third-party provider, who has the required expertise in carrying these functions the better way. A managed service provider (MSP) delivers services concerning network, application, infrastructure, and security. If a data leak can have an adverse impact on your business, outsourcing this service to industry experts becomes vital. Winnipeg has a vast pool of modern companies majorly handled online; hence the need for managed IT services is on the rise.

My IT Central can be your best pick here. We have the expertise and infrastructure in providing the right IT management solutions for you and your business. Our team is under constant training to be well equipped with continual technology development, providing you relevant and useful services.

Business Continuity Services

Business continuity is an organization’s ability to ensure core business functions are not severely impacted by a disaster or unplanned incidents like fire breakout, flooding, etc.,  that take the IT systems offline. As most of the business in Winnipeg is conducted online, the businesses may have a significant breakdown under such calamities. It is vital to have a prompt business continuity service provider to ensure such drawbacks are promptly rectified. Having a robust IT infrastructure allows you to have all data securely stored online, and even in case of sudden damage, it does not hamper your business.

It is always recommended and best to outsource services from an industry expert to reduce the impact of such calamities. In Winnipeg, we have got you covered. At My IT Central, we provide several business continuity services with minimal recovery time, ensuring your business is back on track without much delay.

Data Center & Cloud Management

Modern data centers exist as specialized IT infrastructure that house centralized IT resources like servers, databases, networking, and software systems. The need for a data center, be it on-premise or on the cloud, has become increasingly mandatory. At the same time, cloud management is the management of cloud computing products and services. Outsourcing an organization’s data center management to experts helps maintain a standardized, secure, and sufficient computing environment.

In Winnipeg, consider outsourcing data center and cloud management services to My IT Central. Our team assists in simplifying management and maximizing your business’s operational efficiency across multiple clouds and platforms. We provide effective cloud computing solutions depending on your need.

Procurement Services

Technology is under continual development, and IT services are regularly being upgraded; hence staying up to date and relevant is imperative. If your business is developing, it is essential to procure your business’s latest software and hardware. This process is extensive, and at times companies do not have the expertise to undertake procurement services in-house. To not pick the wrong infrastructure and eliminate unnecessary costs, it is best to outsource these services.

In Winnipeg, My IT Central operates to provide a wide range of procurement services. We aim to help you expand your business in the most effective way possible without compromising on high-quality IT-based solutions. Every service provided is catered to and customized as to the requirements of each client.

My IT Central aims to develop safe and up-to-date IT management and operation in Winnipeg, keeping it free from all sorts of cyber threats. We are a team of experienced IT professionals who provide reliable and affordable services without making concessions on quality. IT-based solutions and information security are our expertise. We believe it’s the digital age era, and every individual and business should stay equipped with the latest technology. If you need assistance on the technological level, get in touch with us today!