Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Most modern industries rely on computers and the internet for operations, which comes with various challenges unique to the industry. For example, healthcare facilities’ IT challenges include avoiding cyberattacks, maintaining a smooth IT operation, and protecting natural disasters; the same for an accounting firm would consist of data protection and cloud backup.

My IT Services are here to help industries tackle all IT challenges they face with our comprehensive IT services that include the following:

● Managed IT Services

● Cyber Security

● Business Continuity Services

● Data Centre and Cloud

● Procurement Services


My IT Central manages, maintains, and protects your IT infrastructure.


My IT Central offers dedicated IT solutions for the legal industry specifically tailored to meet their industry standards and requirements. We can help you keep your client data safe and secure from all kinds of cyberattacks, including phishing and malware. We can also help you backup your data to the cloud and remote servers, making the data accessible to authorized users worldwide and easily recoverable in case of any disasters. My IT Central ensures that your legal practice runs smoothly without any hiccups, challenges, or cyberattacks so that you can focus on the more critical aspects of your practice.


The accounting industry has specific IT challenges—the systems need to be smoothly and easily accessible, and the data needs to be secure. My IT Central can help you with that with our custom IT management services. We can keep your IT infrastructure up to date with the industry norms, backup your data on the cloud and remote servers, and make it accessible for all your employees and clients. Whatever your goals are for your accounting business, My IT Central can help you reach those goals efficiently with our IT solutions


The IT infrastructure in a healthcare facility is an essential tool that needs to be operating smoothly and securely. If it is compromised due to malfunctioning, cyberattacks, or obsolescence, it can create various other problems for the facility. In the worst-case scenario, it can even risk the lives of the patients. My IT Central can help you keep such issues at bay and keep your patients safe with our managed IT solutions that include robust cybersecurity, data backup, and efficient IT operations.


The construction industry has unique IT challenges. The IT infrastructure needs to be up-to-date and be easily accessible on- and off-site. My IT Central can help you achieve your construction business goals by ensuring your IT infrastructure mitigates the challenges by efficiently performing various channels. We provide IT solutions for you that make your IT infrastructure work for your construction project, not against it.

Why Choose Us?

My IT Central provides unparalleled IT infrastructure management services in Edmonton to your industry. We tailor our services to meet your business goals and needs, and we understand your expectations and exceed them at every opportunity. Whether you want to secure your data from cyberattacks or natural disasters, make your operations remote-operable, upgrade to newer software and hardware, or smoothen the operations, My IT Central has the right solutions for you. Start your next IT project with us.