Cybersecurity is no longer just a premium luxury in 2021; it is a necessity. Without it, businesses might get into trouble. Cybersecurity has become an undeniable priority, and 2021 is no different. In fact, the online security of any business should be fortified to address the growing dangers of being online in the digital age.

Let this article inform you about the current status of cybersecurity and why it is not just for IT experts to understand but also for every person involved in the business.

Understanding Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting one’s computers, networks, servers, mobile devices, and data from online attacks. It is a set of technologies, processes, and practices specially designed to perform this function. Through the help of cybersecurity, you can retain your company’s integrity and protect your business’s confidentiality.

The Status of Cybersecurity Today

Knowing these facts can help you better understand cybersecurity and its essential role in today’s society:

  • In 2017, people developed one hundred one billion software codes. That means a possibility of one software exploited every day, compared to 2015’s estimate of one software exposed every week.
  • More than half of the three thousand businesses reviewed in a survey were not prepared to handle cyberattacks.
  • Cybercriminals love to attack those in the financial industry, manufacturing, healthcare, government, and transportation industries.
  • The worth of damage caused by cybercrime in 2021 totals around six trillion dollars.
  • Ransomware attacks are expected to increase by 57 times this year, with the damage costs reaching an estimated 20 billion dollars. While the hacking kits and tools to enact this crime are sold online for as low as one dollar.

The Changing Technology

Times are indeed changing. Technology has improved a lot over the past years. People are more inclined to use their mobile devices and the internet to communicate with other people and do transactions than they were years back.

It also transformed how companies and businesses work. Thanks to the different software, 4G networks, and other means of technology, communicating with the market and making business deals has never been easier. Employees and customers find the work process smoother. Therefore, they become more productive than ever.

However, hackers also take advantage of modern technology and use it as an entryway to conduct their heinous deeds.

How Cybersecurity Affects You and Me

The reality today is that cybersecurity is not the sole job of companies anymore. They do have significant responsibilities when it comes to protecting their system and data. However, employees, customers, and all other people involved in the business also have their fair share of the liability.

Increased security should always begin at the individual level. Simple things such as creating a weak password or sharing the information with another person can result in 0possible hacking. Entertaining spam emails on a company email address is another innocent-looking yet dangerous attack from an online criminal.

The worst thing is that the attacks are increasing in number and evolving in ways that are hard to distinguish. People and technology are getting smarter, so the protection should also improve and remain one step ahead of the game. Otherwise, an attack could result in the loss of your intellectual property, corporate information, system uptime, customer data, and lots of money.


It does not matter whether you have a small business or are part of a large enterprise. Online criminals are not picky with their victims. As long as they can get something from your company, they will not hesitate. The best thing you can do is increase your security and protection, educate all people involved, and ensure you have a trusted IT team to back you up when necessary.

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