As an accountant or CPA trying to find success in Canada’s growing economy, it’s no secret that every tool you can use to improve your operations is valuable.

Thanks to the innovations in today’s financial and technological sectors, it’s hard not to run into all sorts of different systems that can help you work harder, smarter, faster, and stronger. From outsourced virtual assistant services to professional-grade accounting and bookkeeping software, the list of various tools is ever-expanding

While there are many different options to invest in to improve and scale your accounting practice’s operations, there’s one particular option you should consider above all else: cloud computing.

The Ever-Growing Presence of Cloud Computing in Modern Accounting

Although the connection between the concepts was unheard of in the past, both cloud computing and accounting are now heavily linked.

With the widespread digitization of modern accounting and the unrelenting need to innovate at all costs, the presence of cloud software is more valuable than ever. Regardless if you’re a new accountant, experienced CPA, or someone that owns a rising firm, working with the cloud will affect you just as much as it affects tens of thousands of professionals.

At this rate, it is only safe to assume that cloud computing now has a foothold as a vital tool for any kind of accountant, CPA, or firm looking to clinch a competitive advantage. Canada’s growing and highly competitive financial services sector clarifies that investing in adopting such solutions into one’s operations is necessary to survive and thrive!

Why It Pays to Start Using the Cloud

Now that your firm is moving most—if not all—of its vital operations to the digital platforms, you’re probably contemplating the possibility of utilizing the cloud for your accounting firm. However, it is understandable if you’re skeptical of how such a tool can help with your operations since it’s something you haven’t used before!

To understand why you should start using cloud computing in your accounting firm or practice’s operations, here are a few compelling benefits worth taking into consideration:

It Makes Scalability a Whole Lot Easier

In the olden days of accounting, scaling one’s operations was more of a daunting feat than an attractive opportunity because of how complicated, time-consuming, and resource-heavy a task it was—until cloud computing became available for firms and professionals.

Although the highs and lows of the typical accounting year pose quite a bit of concern when it comes to scalability, cloud computing services make it far less labour and capital-intensive than it used to be. When you start subscribing to My IT Central’s cloud computing service, for instance, our per-user basis makes it much easier to increase or decrease used storage or computing capacity according to your current needs!

It Goes a Long Way When It Comes to Cost-Savings

Another prominent reason more accounting professionals and practices have taken it upon themselves to use cloud computing is that it allows them to save more money—which, of course, results in more profit.

Compared to traditional (yet costly) private servers, switching over to the cloud provides an opportunity to keep costs low because it cuts down unnecessary expenses. With a cloud computing set-up, you won’t need to pay upfront fees to license software, use up valuable office space, or shell out for maintenance costs!

It Allows You to Keep Your Valuable Data Safe

Considering that the average accounting firm or practitioner deals with thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sensitive information from clients, it’s clear that better IT security is essential.

With your clients relying on you to keep their valuable information and files safe and sound, keeping a ratty old filing cabinet and working with outdated storage drive methods is no longer adequate. Fortunately, using the cloud means that you can keep your data safe at all times from risks of hacking, natural disasters, prying eyes, and unforeseen crashes if you invest in security and backup systems!


Having the right tools can make a surefire difference in one’s operational efficiency and success to any kind of accountant or accounting firm. If you want to take your operations to the next level and ensure that you get to work far more efficiently in the long run, then you should take this as a sign to sign up for a subscription today!

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